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Can Asphalt Be Laid In The Rain

Rain, Rain – Go away, come again some other day…..Especially If Asphalt Needs Done.

There are many reasons you might want to lay asphalt. Regardless of the reason, the weather should have an affect on when you plan on doing it. Many people wonder, “Can asphalt can be laid in the rain?, especially if they live in Pittsburgh, where it tends to be wet much of the year. In this article we are going to address this issue, and give you a bit more information about how rain can impact your next asphalt job. The mixture that asphalt contains has specific oils that are meant to repel water, however, if it does not dry before it is meant to, it can leave your asphalt ruined. Lets dive in to some specifics…. First, lets talk about what its made of and how that can affect asphalt being laid.

Asphalt Has Oils In It

Asphalt is made up of several components, most of which are called aggregates. Aggregates are small up bits of stone, gravel, and sand that are left over from other jobs. Asphalt also contains a little bit of bitumen cement, and oils. This means that in many ways it is like cement and cannot be put down with any water present. One thing is very different from cement though, lets talk about one of the ways its very different…

Asphalt Must Be Hot

Unlike Cement, hot-mix asphalt is typically heated to between 200 and 310 degrees. When it gets rolled on, the temperature needs to be between 200 and 300 degrees. If the mix temperature falls below approximately 185 degrees while its being put on, it will stiffen up and not compact the way it should. Other things, like the ambient temperature, wind and ground temperature can affect curing process which we will discuss next.

Asphalt Needs To Cure

As we mentioned earlier, asphalt has oils in it and when they are exposed to rain they can rise to the surface. This affects how the asphalt cures and the finished result in several ways. If your new asphalt is exposed to water, holes and cracks can happen, causing major damage and threatening the project. If the asphalts doesn’t have time to cure properly you are probably wasting your time and money with the job in the first place which is why its a good idea to hire a professional.

As we mentioned, when completing an asphalting job, you want to make sure you hire a professional and that everything is done correctly so you dont have too worry about it because a professional will make sure that the job is done on a dry day and that the weather is safe enough to get job done. 

Now that you know more about how rain affects asphalt, you can hopefully look at forecast and decide when it’s make sense. There are other reasons why water is not a good idea when laying asphalt, but we have tried to cover the big ones in this article today. Now that we have reached the end of the article, we hope that we could answer your question and give you more information. We at LOCO want to help you complete your Pittsburgh asphalting job and we want to ensure that it is delivered in high quality. For more information visit us here or call 412.214.8441

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