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Maximizing the storage space in your garage becomes much easier with versatile PVC slatwall panels from Garage Loco. Choose from more than 40 types of slatwall accessories (such as hooks and brackets) to store your power cords, sports equipment, tools, and any other items that can be hung up. The ability to store items on the wall will also free up lots of useful garage floor space for you.

Protection for your garage walls

Along with a vastly improved ability to organize your belongings, Slatwall panels also give your garage a much nicer finished look. The rugged cellular foam PVC construction of the panels will protect your garage walls and they have a durable finish that’s easy to clean. Choose from four Slatwall panel colors – black, taupe, white, and grey, our most popular color.

Slatwall Installation

Our installers will first make cuts to the Slatwall panels to accommodate your garage’s layout, including placements of light switches, conduit pipes, receptacles, and any other wall obstructions. Garage Living Dallas’ installers also scribe and cut the Slatwall panels so that ceiling unevenness and garage floor sloping are accounted for.

Finishing touches include adding trim to ends, corners, and any gaps between panels, along with color-matched screws being used. The finished result adds a dynamic improvement in looks and functionality to your garage space that we know you’ll love.

Slatwall panel features:

  • over 40 accessories available (shelves, hooks, bins, and brackets)
  • 6 colors to choose from
  • installs onto finished/unfinished drywall, concrete, and bare studs
  • load capacity of 40 lbs/sq in
  • industrial rigid cellular PVC construction
  • panel sizes are 96″W x 12″H x 5/8″D
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